Inventory Control For Collision Repair Shops — Why It’s Critical in 2023

nventory Control For Collision Repair Shops

Why is inventory control critical for collision repair shops in 2023? 

As Northeast Ohio’s number one paint, body, and equipment specialist, we’re always looking for products and services that will make our customers’ lives easier.

And inventory management and control are at the top of our list.

But just how important is inventory management for collision repair shops? We wanted to share what the experts at Body Shop Business had to say:

Key among those core competencies [for PBEs] is inventory fulfillment. After all, regardless of whatever additional service we may perform, we’re in the product fulfillment business. Naturally, there is more to it than simply moving boxes. It’s a potentially complex process that requires a systematic approach and the active participation of both collision center and distributor personnel to keep it simple and efficient. For the sake of discussion, we will call it “simple inventory solutions.”

We concur with that statement about the high business value of tight, but straightforward, inventory control. And in this post, we’ll share our strategy and customized services available to help you grow your bottom line. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The importance of managing the inventory control process  
  • What a strategic PBE Specialist-Collision Repair Center partnership looks like in practice
  • What makes Westside Auto Paint & Supply different
  • Where you can go for more information   

The importance of managing the inventory control process. 

Why is inventory control for auto body shop owners and operators so important? It’s simple. You can’t monetize your talented technicians, outstanding shop, and state-of-the-art equipment if you don’t have the paint and supplies you need—when you need them.

Paint isn’t the only critical material you need in your materials and supplies inventory. You need all the essential shop supplies, including—towels, razor blades, cups, shop supplies, the full spectrum of bodywork accessories (fasteners, clips, door moldings), health and safety products, and more.

Many of our clients simply don’t have the time to manage the granular shop tasks, like inventory and supplies, to their desired levels. They’re focused on the big picture—getting exceptional new customers, keeping their techs busy, and booth cycle times low. 

No time to sweat the shop management details? That’s where we come in with the trusted PBE supplier-partnership you need. 

What a strategic PBE Specialist-Collision Repair Center partnership looks like in practice.

With strategic partnerships light years beyond traditional supplier-body shop relationships, we’re helping our clients grow their businesses and bottom lines.

What does our inventory management service look like? First and foremost, it’s custom tailored to match your unique shop requirements. Every shop needs supplies and paint at different intervals and levels. This depends on your shop size, business volume, usage patterns, and other factors. 

When you partner with us, we’ll get all of this down to a science, quickly, and seamlessly to your operations. 

The bottom line? We’re here to make your job easier, not more complicated. And we’re really good at it!

We’ll organize inventory in your cabinets and storage areas with items specific to your shop requirements, label all inventory items, and set accurate stocking levels and restocking schedules. We’ll also check inventory and write orders weekly. 

This proven process enables body shop personnel to optimize their space and productivity, ensure a profit on paint shop materials and labor, and identify and eliminate waste.

The Westside Auto Paint & Supply Difference.

Westside Auto Paint & Supply offers business-focused training and professional services to help you stand out from your competitors. We’ll help you get to where you only accept the best clients and turn down the less-profitable, high-headache business. 

But you won’t get there spending too much time managing inventory and your shop without the right SOPs, shop layout, inventory control, and paint management system.

That’s where we can help. These are the industry-tested professional services training programs we provide to our collision repair customers to help them grow their businesses:

  • Evaluating Your Business and Market Potential
  • Inventory Control
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Paint Management Systems
  • Auto Body Shop Layout and Design
  • Live Demonstrations and Training

We recommend Inventory Control as an excellent starting point to get a feel for the exceptional value provided by our customized professional client services. 

Where can you go for more info, like what service level is best for your shop, what a partnership with Ohio’s number one PBE looks like, etc.? 

That’s the easy part—you’re already here! We’re North East Ohio’s number one Paint, Body, and Equipment supplier. And we’re ready to help you streamline your shop operations and increase your profits.   

Expect convenience and quality when you call us. Here are just a few of the products and services you can expect to find when you reach out to the team of professionals at Westside Auto Paint & Supply:

  • Automotive Paint Finishes
  • Primers
  • Clears
  • Abrasives
  • Spray Equipment
  • Auto Body Tools   
  • Specialized Professional Services to Help Our Clients Grow
  • Same Day Order Delivery Available in Most Areas!

Is it time to unlock your business’s hidden profit margins and productivity?

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We’re here to keep your shop stocked and your projects rolling!

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