Evaluating Your Business’s Market Potential


Turning the page on a new fiscal year is a great opportunity for a business to make a fresh start on improving its business plan. Finding fresh insights can be difficult unless you involve new people who haven’t been deeply involved in the business for years. At Westside Auto Paint and Supply, we offer a fresh perspective and guided business courses on:

  • Financials
  • Marketing
  • Estimating
  • Productions
  • Repair procedures
  • Detail
  • Parts management
  • And more…

Each workshop by itself can help you gain new insights to your business and ideas for the future. Taken as a whole schedule, the courses work together on different areas of your business to make improvements everywhere. 

Where to Start?

Designed for collision centers that are seriously committed to improving their operation, the first workshop we recommend is Evaluating Your Business and Marketing Potential. This workshop will help improve best practices and business techniques to boost productivity and profits in the New Year. 

In order to understand how improvements can be made, first we put together an evaluation of the current state of your business. The evaluation will use several methods to determine a comprehensive view of how your business runs, how it performs in the market currently and where improvements can be made. 

  1. Internal Feedback: We gather feedback from your staff using employee opinion surveys, because good ideas can come from all around. 
  2. Market Share Analyzer: We develop a market share analyzer to help you identify your customers and the best way to reach them. 
  3. Industry Benchmarking Service: An industry benchmarking service helps you see how your business fares compared to other collision centers. 
  4. Proficient™ Process Improvement Assessments: Assessing your current processes will identify areas of wasted effort or expense that can help streamline your business. 

The reason we highlight this course as the first to attend is because a thorough understanding of how your business runs is essential to making improvements. You won’t know what improvements to make to your Shop Layout and Design until you identify the current insufficiencies. You won’t be able to do much about Inventory Control until you figure out where there is waste. That’s why an evaluation is the smartest first approach.

Along with Axalta personnel, we have developed the rest of the courses to guide your business improvements while helping you take ownership of the process. Our entire course list includes: 

  • Evaluating Your Business and Marketing Potential
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Shop Layout and Design
  • Paint Management System
  • Inventory Control
  • Demonstrations and Training

Our team is dedicated to helping collision centers improve their business potential and break into the market in an impactful way. Reach out today to learn about our courses and sign up for this new opportunity for a New Year!