The Importance Behind Compressed Air Line Cleaning

Compressed Air Line Cleaning

Because compressed air is used for every step of the automotive painting process, it’s imperative that your compressed air lines are properly cleaned on a regular basis. Automotive paint and body shops must rely on compressed air lines in order to apply:

  • Paint or primer 
  • Base coats
  • Clearcoat finishes 
  • Sanding and more!

The Importance of Compressed Air Line Cleaning 

Rust, oil, moisture, buildup, or debris can get into your compressed air line system’s piping, which can cause lots of problems, including poor application of paint. A dirty compressed air line can also cause your compressed air line system to have problems obtaining the proper pressure, which can mess up your paint application. 

Routinely cleaning your compressed airline system can ensure it gets the necessary pressure needed to properly apply paint to the cars you and your team are working on. 

Tips for Flushing and Cleaning a Compressed Air Line System

  1. Make sure the system is shut off and all supplies are disconnected.
  2. Turn the system on and pressurize it to normal working pressure. 
  3. When flushing the take-offs, start with the one nearest the compressor and work from the bigger lines to the smaller ones.
  4. Flush until you get 4-5 times the air volume expected for the operating cycle. 

Another thing you can do to keep your compressed airline system clean is to keep it away from dusty environments. This will also help with poor compressor performance and diminished air quality. 

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