Auto Body Painting Maintenance

Auto Body Painting Maintenance

Tips For Protecting Your Paint Job Long Term

When you’ve finally completed putting a new paint or finish on a customer’s vehicle, you need to make sure that it stays in excellent condition before they pick it up.

After all, you don’t want to ruin a perfect paint job – or have to do it all over again. 

Keeping that paint job looking brand new doesn’t have to be a time-waster, there are a few simple steps you and your employees can take.

Tips for Protecting a Paint Job

Cover the vehicle until the paint has fully cured. Depending on the size of the vehicle, along with other factors, this could take a few days. You probably have space in your shop where you can store cars until the process is finished. 

The first time you wash the car, it’s a good idea to hand wash with the proper type of solution. Hand washing is gentler on a new paint job, and using a machine or power washer may save time, but it can also do a lot of harm.

When you are detailing a car, make it a routine instead of a once in a while thing. This process is painstaking, and while it can take up a lot of your time, getting into a regular schedule actually saves time down the road – as you won’t be playing catch up later.

You want to do any job the right way and it’s the same with car detailing. Blocking out the time is only one step – the next is where you need the right skills, knowledge, and materials.

Polish helps prep the painted surface of a vehicle before applying wax. Not only does it help protect the paint from grime, UV rays, and other elements, it also fills in any minor imperfections before you apply the wax. 

The wax you decide to use should be top-grade and have a solid reputation for getting the job done. Wax is usually available as a liquid or solid – everyone has their own preference, but regardless of that, go with a known brand. 

These days, you can purchase kits and collections for detailing that include polishes, waxes, applicator pads, and microfiber drying towels. They are usually priced competitively and come with everything you need to get it done right.

Get The Right Stuff at West Side Auto Supply

There are hundreds of products on the market designed to produce professional-level automotive detailing work, and Westside Auto Paint & Supply has a wide variety of products to get you started. Meguiar’s & Presta are the areas most sought after lines but there are many others to choose from as well depending on the needs of your shop. We’re located in Akron, Fairview Park, and Elyria. Stop by and ask one of our team members for what product you might need to get the clean, professional look that will keep vehicles looking brand new for years.