How to Boost Efficiency – And Save Money – In Your Body Shop

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Labor and product shortages – along with creeping inflation – continue to affect businesses of every size in every industry. However, it’s still necessary to service customers and go after projects that can bring money into your operation.

While it may be difficult to speed up deliveries and hire new employees, shop owners can take steps to boost their efficiency and keep the doors open and the lights on. 

The good news is that these processes may already exist in your operation, it’s just a matter of making certain tweaks to how things get done. There might also be some new ways to work and organize your shop to maximize everyone’s output.

Here are a few ways that you can streamline your business and also increase the quality of the final products and services you deliver to your customers.

Shop Layout and Design

How many steps does each of your employees have to take when they deliver their piece of the project to another station? Do they have to walk around piles of old equipment and overflowing bins of parts, junk, and unused supplies? Take a good look at the shop floor and the stations in your operation. Walk through your facility and you’re going to find areas where a few simple corrections can make everyone’s job easier. When you find a bottleneck, work with your crew to fix it.

Standard Operating Procedures

Everyone has heard the old expression, “That’s how we’ve always done it. Why change it up?” This habit probably came from work arounds that were started years ago, and because they were never addressed, they became part of the process. When you write out and post Standard Operating Procedures, you’re helping everyone work better. There aren’t any excuses, and you’ll see consistent results. Be sure to meet with your employees and managers before you start to gather information – they can provide you with important information and insights.

Proper Preparation

Before your techs step into the spray booth, every part of the vehicle should be spotless. Wax and grease removers are key tools to ensure the paint adheres to surfaces and doesn’t peel off or bubble after a few months.

Take a close look at the car surface to make sure there’s no dust or debris left over from grinding and other processes. Prep the metal so that it’s ready to bond with the paint, mix the prep with water so the solution fits the finish you’re working on. When the job is done you’ll have a vehicle that looks brand new with colors and finishes that pop.

Back to the Basics

Running a shop in hard economic times can be stressful, and whenever you turn around something new comes up. Even though you’re an expert in your field, it never hurts to learn more – or improve on what you already know.

Westside Auto Paint and Supply offers consulting services that are designed for you and your employees. They’re led by experts with decades of experience, who know what they’re talking about.

Our value-added services include:

  • Evaluating Your Business and Market Potential
  • Inventory Control
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Paint Management System
  • Shop Layout and Design
  • Demonstrations and Training

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