Cutting Down On Waste Inside and Outside Of The Paint Booth

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Start Reducing Redo’s Today

When we talk about cutting down on wasted supplies around the shop some things are simple fixes, like switching from a 2 inch masking tape to something more narrow if the job allows. However to see a real impact on your bottom line you have to start thinking about the bigger picture of how your operation is running. 

Redo’s not only slow down production but can get expensive as there are often costs tied to redo’s that are unfortunately absorbed by the shop. In this month’s blog we’re going to cover a few tips to help reduce a few common mistakes we see in and around the paint booth. By reducing the amount of redo’s your shop is processing you will not only have happier customers but will start to see an increase in profits as supply waste decreases.

Stop Over-Mixing & Over-Application

Over-mixing, over-application and redos in general don’t only waste materials but they also waste time – pulling resources from other projects and often throwing off the shop schedule. It goes without saying that knowing exactly how to complete the job is what sets you apart from your competition. However, chances are if you asked each member of your team exactly which grit should be used to finish body work or the exact ratios for clear coats that the answers would vary. Setting firm shop standards goes a long way to reduce waste by reducing variances (and errors along the way) and speeding up operations. 

Standardize The Processes – Enable Your Team To Be More Self-Reliant

After you’ve defined the process you want in play – making sure they’re known to all team members is the next step. Creating a quick chart to hang on the wall where it can easily be seen takes all the guesswork out of the mix and makes sure future employees know the standards as well. Giving your team members the tools they need to be successful goes a long way in contributing to their job satisfaction and in the longer term, quality of work.

Start Color Verification Sooner & Start Time

According to the major paint lines, “Eighty percent of time wasted in the paint shop involves color matching.” For optimum productivity, color verification should occur at the beginning of the process and well before the vehicle reaches the paint shop. This allows ample time to sort out any issues that you might encounter with inventory, including special orders, without backing up other jobs. If you have the paint code your supplier can even arrange for delivery ahead of time so you never have to leave the shop. 

At Westside Auto Paint & Supply, we aim to help our customers start all their projects the right way – with quality supplies at affordable prices. With three locations to serve you, in Fairview Park, Akron, and Elyria, we’re ready to help your business wherever it’s located. Give us a call today to answer any questions you might have about how to start reducing waste in your shop’s processes!