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Westside Auto Paint and Supply stocks national brands preferred by collision specialists - which means we have the Tork Products that your shop needs to stay ahead of the game when it comes to removing oil, grease, lubricants, or dirt. Tork (Formally SCA Hygiene for you old-timers) is an industry leader when it comes to providing top-of-the-line shop towels for both professional body shops and the do-it-yourself. When you choose Tork you are equipping your business with the best tools for the job.

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ShopMax Shop Towels - A Must-Have Addition To Your Shop

Specifically designed to tackle grease and other lubricants, they are the perfect go-to choice for automotive and workshop tasks. Soft, absorbent, and strong - they make cleaning up a breeze and are safe to use on finished surfaces. Normal paper towels can damage a fresh coat of paint which is why you'll only see blue shop towels around a collision repair bay. Strong enough for any project - Soft enough to use on your hands or face! Give one of our three convenient locations a call today to see if we have the products you need on hand or to place an order. Most orders are delivered in 24-48 hours - so if we don't have an item in stock our turnaround times are unbeatable in the area.

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