Body Shop Supplies:

auto body paint supplies

Paint isn’t the only important component for your refinishing needs. From shop supplies such as toweling, razor blades and cups, to supplies to complete body work (fasteners, clips, door moldings), to health and safety products, Westside Auto Paint and Supply can provide you or collision repair center with the right item. We carry a large variety of lines including:

Air Filtration Company (booth coatings)
American Tape (tape)
Astro Pneumatic (body shop tools)
Auto Air Colors (airbrush paints)
Auto Arc (welding wire/accessories)
Clean Sheet (body filler boards)
Dent Fix (body repair tools)
DeVilbiss/Cam-Air (spray equipment/parts)
DeWalt (electric buffers)
Dominion (bedliners, seamsealers, etc)
Dynabrade (tools & accessories)
Excel (solvents, masking, clears, etc)
EZ Mix (mix cups, touch up bottles)
Ferro (backing pads for DA’s)
Fibreglass Evercoat (body fillers)
Gerson (strainers, tack cloths)
GL Enterprises (spreaders & accessories)
GoJak (gojak, raxjax, speedblaster)
H & S Autoshot (unispotter, curing system)
Herkules (gun washers, curing lamps)
Hutchins (airtools/accessories)
Hystick (masking tape)
Infratech (heat lamps)
Justrite (pumps, safety equipment)
Kimberly Clark (towels, wiping cloths)
Klean Strip (paint removers, solvents)
Lord Fusor (adhesives)
3M (MMM) abrasives, adhesives, tapes, PPS)
Magnet Paints (chassis saver)
Meguiars (waxes, polishes, detailing)
Microflex (safety gloves)
Milton (air couplers)
Mo-Clamp (repair/accessories)
National Detroit (sanders/air tools)
Norton (abrasives, adhesives, etc)
Omni-Fill (aerosol cans/fillers)
Por-15 (topcoats, rust prevention)
Presta (finishing products)
Protekto-Trim (moldings)
RBL (paint masking products, etc)
Red Devil Equipment (paint shaker)
Rusfre (rustproofing equipment)
SAS Safety (safety equipment)
SATA (spray equipment)
SCA Hygiene/Tork (towels)
Schlegel (polishing/buffing pads)
SEM (paint products/plastic repair)
Sharpe (spray equipment/parts)
ShootSuit (paint suits, etc)
Sprayway (cleaners)
Steck (misc. body tools)
Transtar (solvents, primers, etc)
Trisk (short wave curing systems)
Uni-Ram (gun washers, blast vacs)
Upol (putty, misc)
US Chemical (body fillers/plas repair)
Viking Air Tools (air tools)
Viledon (filters)
Viskon-Aire (filters)

Westside Auto Paint & Supply will be happy to find the item you need!